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Going Long: The One-Sided View

The decision between local and long-distance driving is often one that is easily made without being fully considered. Going on the road is often presented as a package full of rewards. You can travel for free, get paid well, and not have to deal with a boss every day. But, that is only one side …

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Commercial driving license: USA

If you are passionate about travelling and also want to earn a decent living from it, commercial driving is one of the best alternatives for you. A truck driver with a clean record can have as much as a six digit annual income. It is not only a good paying job but the industry is …

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Getting Started as a Trucker: Avoiding Pitfalls

Being successful as a company driver has much to do with who your employer is. Companies that hire drivers can be actual transportation companies, but there are other companies in the industry, such as retailers. There is not anyone genre of the company that is necessarily preferable to drivers; it just depends on your preferences …

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Black Boxes in Truck Accident Cases

Semi trucks have black boxes, or event data recorders, that are in many ways similar to the flight data recorders most people are familiar with from news reports about plane crashes. In semi trucks, the function of black boxes varies widely. Some begin recording only when triggered by crash-like conditions such as sudden acceleration, hard …

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