CDL Air Brake Test Requirements - And How to Pass Your Written Test

Are you studying for a CDL air brake test? If so, you may be looking for some advice about how to pass this exam first time. Here we’ll tell you what the written exam will consist of and how you can make sure you’re prepared so that you have a good chance of passing first time.

The air brake written exam is a requirement for anyone who plans to drive a CMV that uses air brakes. If you fail to pass the test, you’ll receive a mark of restriction, which will mean you’re limited in the type of CMV you’re able to drive. If you’re looking for a career as a truck driver, its therefore beneficial to sit and pass the test as it will improve your career prospects and will allow you to drive a larger selection of vehicles. It would help if you aimed to pass the test with a high mark, to improve your chance of getting a good job.

The Theory Behind The CDL Air Brake Test

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Once you’ve studied for the test and feel confident that you know all about the braking systems, you’ll be able to practice before you sit your final written exam.

Air Brake Practice Test

There are many practice tests available online which allow you to check your knowledge. Practice tests include real questions that are likely to be asked in the actual exam. By practicing, you can gauge how well you’re likely to do in a real test. You’ll then feel more confident about sitting an actual test. Remember to study often, you may like to create a study plan, and this will mean you’re more likely to pass.

Be Focused

When booking a written driving test, you should make sure that it doesn’t clash with other studying commitments. You need to have enough time to focus on all the material that you need to know in order to pass it successfully first time.

What The Air Brake Test Will Consist Of

The air brake written test will check your knowledge of air brakes. It consists of twenty-five multiple-choice questions. You should use the sir brake study guide to revise for this test and can also try completing some practice tests online.

The examination will check your knowledge of how air brakes work and also the benefits of using them. These types of brakes are used because they are more reliable than other types of braking systems. They use atmospheric air that won’t run out, instead of fluid which could leak. Even if there is a leak, the brake will still work effectively. Another benefit of using an air brake is that its straightforward to remove and attach. They are also able to control pressure and have backup tanks that will compensate if there’s any kind of failure in the compressor.

CDL Air Brake Test

The test will also check your knowledge of features of air brakes and will look at how they are used to improve braking control and safety. Features include service brakes, control pedals, storage tanks, and wigwag device.

Before sitting your written test, you should also study different properties of the braking system and make sure that you know all of the theories behind it. There’s a big difference between hydraulic brakes and air brakes, and these have slightly different properties. Trucks that use air brakes have their brakes held in place using both a spring and air pressure. The air pressure has been created using atmospheric air that has been compressed in The truck’s air compressor.

Ensure that you know how each part of an air brake system works, as they have several parts that provide a safe and effective braking system. There are two main parts in an air brake systems, and you should learn about both of them. Make sure that you’ve studied each carefully and know how they work. The two parts are known as the supply and the control system.

The supply system has an air compressor and governor, as well as a storage tank, tank drains, alcohol evaporator, and safety valve. There’s also a smaller purge reservoir that is used to store and clean air.

The control system covers all of the braking system’s hardware, which is used by truckers to control the vehicle’s brakes. The system is comprised of a trailer brake circuit as well as a parking brake circuit. There are also circuits for both front and back wheels.

Parts of the control system are used to ensure that brakes remain functional and work safely at all times. These include brake pedals, foundation brakes, and application pressure gauges. There are also warning lights that you should keep an eye on as these will tell you if the pressure is low.

Preparation for Your Air Brake Endorsement Test

Prepare For The Test Efficiently

It would be best if you had given yourself adequate time to revise and practice before your test. Ensure that you’re well-rested and don’t leave your revision too late. It’s also not advisable to stay up late studying the night before you have your test. Instead, make sure that you sleep well, you may like to consider going to bed early and ensuring that you have a good night’s sleep.

Get Confident For Test Day

Make sure that you feel your best by eating well and staying hydrated before your test. Ensure you have enough time to travel to the test center and find where you need to go. Remember that you may need extra time to find a parking space. If you’re early, you could spend this extra time revising and could have a read through your study notes.

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The CDL Air Brake Test is an exam designed to evaluate a driver's understanding of air brake system components and operation. This test is usually administered as part of the CDL licensing process or when applying for a commercial driver’s license (CDL). The test typically consists of 25 multiple-choice questions about air brake systems and is usually administered via computer.


To pass the CDL Air Brake Test, applicants must demonstrate an understanding of air brake system components and operations. The questions cover brake systems, inspections, and operation, including understanding when to use parking brakes and how to test the brakes for leaks. A score of 80% or better is required to pass the test.


Passing the CDL Air Brake Test demonstrates that a driver understands air brake systems and operation, which is essential for safely operating commercial vehicles. Furthermore, obtaining a CDL with an air brake endorsement allows drivers to pursue higher-paying jobs or work for companies that require the endorsement. Additionally, many states offer a discount on CDL license fees for applicants who pass the air brake test.


If drivers fail the CDL Air Brake Test, they must take a remedial training course before retaking the exam. The exact requirements vary by state, but in most cases, applicants must complete an approved course and pass a final exam to receive their CDL.


The CDL Air Brake Test is usually only required once to obtain a CDL. However, some states may require air brake endorsement holders to retake the exam every five years as part of the license renewal process. Additionally, drivers who want to upgrade their license class or add endorsement may be required to retake the air brake test. It is essential to check with your state’s licensing agency for specific requirements.


More information about the CDL Air Brake Test can be found on your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles website. Additionally, many commercial driving schools offer classes to prepare drivers for the exam. Reading and understanding all instructions is vital before taking the exam.