CDL Pre Trip Test Questions Made Easier With Practice

A CDL Pre Trip test ensures that the driver is knowledgeable in the area of the main safety points of the vehicle. The driver should be able to walk around the vehicle, visually inspect it, check various safety components, and explain to the test administrator each part, it’s function, and how and why it should be safety checked. Drivers should touch each part as they inspect it and explain it so that the test administrator knows exactly which part of the vehicle the driver is referring to.

The Pre Trip Inspection Test is one of the more difficult parts of the CDL exam due to the amount of memorization involved and the extreme importance of knowing each and every part and each safety point implicitly. However, it is absolutely necessary in order to ensure the safety of the driver and the other passengers on the road.

Taking The Stress Out Of The Test With A Pre-Trip Practice Test

CDL Pre Trip TestStudying for a test is one of the age-old sources of recognized stress in life. We’ve all noticed that some people seem more stressed than others. It’s also noticeable that the people who seem less stressed often perform better on the test.

Is that because they are simply better test takers? While this is often the assumption, it’s not always the case. Often, those who perform well have a plan in place for preparing for the test. Their confidence in this plan helps them follow through, absorb the information, and calmly answer the test questions in a confident and prepared manner.

This leads to better results.

To take the stress out of the CDL test, you need a plan in place with the right tools, like pre-tests. By using a CDL pre trip test, you will be able to see what areas your studying so far as prepared you for, and where you need to study further. This gives you a measuring tool so you can go back, study further, and take the CDL test when you are truly ready.

No more wasting valuable time and money going to your local DMV only to find out you weren’t ready yet. Everyone who has been there knows what a hit that can be to your confidence, and how much harder that makes it to succeed. Put a plan in place that works for you and do the CDL test right.

What Does A Pre Trip Inspection Test Involve?

A pre-trip inspection test is easy.

First, you need to get your state’s commercial driver manual. Don’t use a manual from another state; a substitute won’t do if you really want to be prepared for the test you will need to take.

Next, you need to make a strong plan for studying the manual. You will want to employ healthy study habits to learn the information contained inside. Healthy study habits include things like studying in a quiet place without distractions, highlighting or taking notes as you go, and taking regular breaks.

You will retain information better if you take regular breaks while you study as opposed to doing it all in one go. Don’t study too much at one time. Have a goal for your study time, like making it through one section of the book or writing down so many notes.

With the internet so readily available and our phones regularly stealing our attention, it is worth repeating that it’s very important to have a distraction free studying time.

Getting a healthy night’s sleep before your test is also an important study habit. Studying a bit each night before sleep has been seen as a great way to retain what you learn.

Now it’s time to quiz yourself on what you’re learned as part of your studying practice for the CDL written test.

You don’t need to do too much studying before you take a pre-trip CDL test to see where you’re at. You can take your CDL permit practice test online. Make sure you’re taking a practice test for your state.

Visit a well-known and trusted website, like, and click on the “Start CDL Permit Practice Test”. It’s that simple to get started. is a great resource because it has so many practice tests for you, so you can get a well-rounded idea as you go.

Some of the practice tests available include general knowledge tests, air brake practice tests, combination vehicle practice tests, double/triples endorsement practice test, and a pre-trip inspection practice test.

There are also passenger endorsement practice tests, hazmat endorsement, school bus endorsement, and tanker endorsement practice tests available.

Make sure you are somewhere you can focus and give the practice test your full attention, without distractions. You want to be able to see where you’re really at.

What Comes After Your Pre-Trip Test?

Once you’ve gone through the questions, you’ll have a better idea of what your understanding is so far. Remember, anything you don’t know is just something else you need to learn. Don’t let a low practice score get you down. Confidence is key to successful test performance.

So, after you take your pre-trip CDL test, you need to look at where you did well and where you need to study more.

Then, return to your state’s CDL manual and begin studying the areas you need to focus on.

When you feel ready, take another CDL practice test.

You can continue this cycle until you are doing well on the practice tests. Don’t get discouraged if you need to repeat this cycle many times, it’s a good thing. The CDL manual is approximately 180 pages. That is a lot of information to learn, and you want to do your best to take it all in. It’s important to be patient with yourself while you’re learning.

When you feel confident, you can go to your local DMV and take your state’s written test.

The official CDL test will contain 50 multiple-choice questions. To pass this test, you will need to score over 80 percent.

Pass Your Commercial Driving Tests First Time With

Visiting your local DMV and failing your CDL test can be a real blow to your confidence. It also takes up your time and your money.

When you take a practice test online, you can clearly review where you did well and where you need to review further and study up.

With the real test, it’s common to walk away unclear on what areas you did wrong. It’s harder to gain knowledge from that kind of experience.

If you have taken the CDL test and failed, don’t worry! You can get better at this, you just need the right tools on your side. Gather strong resources, employ good study habits, and you successfully pass the CDL test just as other people in your situation have managed to do.

Remember, study somewhere without distractions so you can focus. Use your state’s CDL manual. Use the website to take practice tests so you can see how your studying is going. By taking practice tests, you’ll strengthen your ability to recall the information you’ve been studying.

When you’re ready, get a good night’s sleep and go to your local DMV, calm and confident, knowing that you’ve used the right resources and put in the work to achieve the license you need for your career.