The pre trip inspection class a test will examine your knowledge of internal inspection and external inspection. In order to receive your Commercial driver’s license, it is required that you pass the state’s official CDL written Knowledge exam.

Pre Trip Test 02

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Tire pressures should be checked by...?

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A rust trail coming from a lug nut may demonstrate...?

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If you have a hydraulic brake reserve system, you should check it is working by depressing the brake and...?

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Any cargo lift with which your vehicle or trailer is equipped must, in transit, be...?

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With hydraulic brakes, if you pump the brake pedal three times and then hold it down for five seconds, what should happen?

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The fifth wheel must be positioned properly so that the tractor frame will clear...?

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When making the static check on a combination vehicle, the air pressure must not drop more than how much in a single minute?

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Which of these is not part of your inspection of the front of vehicle?

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Passenger entry doors must close securely...?

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How many components are there to an air brake test?

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When testing the low air pressure warning device, it must activate before the pressure drops below...?

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When checking battery connectors, you should be looking for signs of...?

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You should not pass a wheel as being fit for travel if its rims have...?

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If a vehicle is equipped with a disabled person's lift, who is responsible for knowing how it operates?

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When driving a trailer, landing gear should be...?

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To check service brakes, you should apply them when pulling forward at...?

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When checking a passenger vehicle, you should make sure that all seat frames are securely attached to...?

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Vehicles with air suspension should be checked for leaks by...?

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The minimum tread depth for steering axle tires is what?

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If you are driving a school bus, you must have a first aid kit containing how many defined items?

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The suspension components inspection must be undertaken on...?

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You should check for air leaks by...?

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Axle mounting points should be checked at the point...?

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When making air brake checks, you must use wheel chocks...?

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On an air brake system, you should build the pressure up until it is cut off, which should happen around...?

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A safety belt should be rejected if it...?

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Every tire on your vehicle must have a minimum tread depth of...?

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When examining your suspension, you should look for springs which are...?

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When you fully apply the foot brake on a single vehicle and hold it for one minute, there is a fault if the air pressure drops more than how many pounds in one minute?

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