The CDL pre trip practice test will examine your knowledge of internal inspection and external inspection. In order to receive your Commercial driver’s license, it is required that you pass the state’s official CDL written Knowledge exam.

Pre Trip Test 01

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You must have working indicators on the dashboard for which of these lights?

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Which of these is not acceptable as an emergency warning device?

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Which of these will show you that the oil pressure gauge is working satisfactorily?

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The first maneuver in a safe start is to...?

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During the pretrip inspection test, you should...?

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If you have an oil temperature gauge, when you start the engine it should...?

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The belts in the engine compartment should have no more than...?

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Which of these should be a compulsory part of your emergency equipment?

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Clearance lights on the rear of your vehicle must be what color?

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If your vehicle is not equipped with an inspection reservoir sight glass, you should remove the radiator cap to inspect visually, making sure...?

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The most important thing to demonstrate on the pretrip inspection portion of the skills test is that...?

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You should check your parking brake function by...?

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After starting the engine for safe start, you should...?

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When checking the oil, the level must be...?

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The first way to check for leaks from hoses is to...?

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During the pretrip inspection portion of the skills test, you will not have to...?

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When making a safe start, you should place the gearshift lever in...?

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The play on a steering wheel without power steering should not exceed...?

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You should look on the underside of the engine and transmission for...?

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If your warning devices consist of fusees, you must have at least how many?

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For the pretrip inspection, you must bring...?

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Which of these should result in a vehicle failing a pretrip inspection?

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Your windshield wiper arms and blades must be...?

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To test the air gauge, you should build air pressure to the governor cutout, which is usually...?

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Side reflectors on your vehicle must be of what color?

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When checking your brake, turn signal and four way flasher operation, you should do so...?

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Which gauge shows you that the alternator and/or generator is charging?

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If your vehicle has power steering, a 20 inch steering wheel should not turn more than how far before the front left wheel barely moves?

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Power steering fluid levels must be...?

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How many properly charged and rated fire extinguishers must you have on board your vehicle?

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