How to Get an Utah CDL License

If you are looking to drive a commercial vehicle in Utah, you will need to obtain a CDL (Commercial Driving License). This will allow you to drive various vehicles such as freight trucks or buses. You will need a CDL license if you plan on driving a vehicle that holds over 16 passengers, including you; transports hazardous materials; or is a vehicle with a gross value weight rating over 26,000.

Each state has specific regulations regarding how you obtain a CDL license. However, once you have one they are recognized across state lines. This means a Utah CDL license can also be used in other states.

Utah CDL License Requirements

You will need to be over the age of 18, and have proof of birth. You will also need your current drivers license, social security card, DOT Medical card or medical long form, and two proofs of current residence. If you are under the age of 21 then you will only be allowed to travel within the state on your CDL license. You can obtain a CDL driver’s permit that will allow you to practice driving commercial vehicles, provided someone who is fully licensed is in the vehicle with you.

A DOT (department of transportation) Medical card is needed in the state of Utah to operate any commercial motor vehicle over 10,001 pounds. This is something you will need before you take the written test. You should also always have it on you when you are driving a commercial motor vehicle. A DOT Medical card or medical long form can be completed by your doctor, transportation company, or test center.

Utah CDL License Cost

There are many fees associated with obtaining a CDL license in Utah. The fees for the training needed will vary depending upon the company providing the training. The following are some of the costs associated with obtaining a CDL license:

Written Test: $40

Skills Test: $60

Retake of Written Test: $20

Retake of Skills Test: $40

Each CDL Endorsement (hazardous materials, passengers, tanker, school bus): $7

Utah CDL License Training

Private companies certified by the Utah Driver License Division provide CDL training in Utah. A list of certified schools can be found on the Utah government site.

Utah CDL License Process

In Utah, you don’t obtain a CDL license from the Department of Motor Vehicles but rather the Drivers License Division of the Department of Public Safety. You will need to have proof of training. Some offices will require a written and road test, while others will just have you perform satisfactorily on a road test. A background check will also be run. This will check to see if you have had a license revoked or suspended in any other state. If so, you will be denied a Utah CDL license until the issue in your former state has been resolved. Likewise, if there are issues with a current Utah license, they will need to be taken care of first.

Once you have completed your training, obtained your DOT Medical Card or had a physician complete the Long Form, gather together proof of residency, birth, and your social security card. You will need all of these to register for the required CDL licensing tests. After you have passed the test and paid the requisite fees, you will be a licensed driver. Note that renewals cannot be completed online in the state of Utah. You will have to go to the Department of Public Safety for renewal.