How to Get a Vermont CDL License

You will need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in Vermont before you can operate a vehicle with an overall gross vehicle weight rating higher than 26,000 pounds, a vehicle that requires hazardous material placards or a vehicle that can carry more 15 passengers. Read on to learn about the Vermont CDL license cost and the required Vermont CDL license training.

Get Started
Download the Commercial Driver License Manual of Vermont or obtain one from your nearest DMV location to determine which type of CDL you need to apply for. Refer to this manual also to determine if you are eligible for the class of CDL you are seeking.

Set Your Appointment
Make an appointment with Central Scheduling to set a time to obtain your six-month commercial driver instructional permit and pay the $30 scheduling fee. You need this permit to take the driving instruction and on-road training needed to obtain your CDL. In order to obtain this permit, you first need to have a general Vermont driver’s license.

Get your vehicle inspected by DMV in order to be allowed to take the six-month commercial driver instructional permit written test. All safety mechanisms on the inspected vehicle have to be clean and fully operational and must have a valid inspection sticker to pass the required vehicle inspection.

CDL Permit
Study your Commercial Driver License Manual before taking your written permit test. Pay careful attention to all road skills such as turning, passing and parking. Bring all of your driver’s licenses, two proofs of Vermont residency, your social security card, proof of insurance, medical forms, and proof of registration. Remember to bring your glasses or contacts in case a vision test is included with your commercial driver instructional permit test. The cost for a commercial driver instructional permit is $12.

CDL License
After receiving your commercial driver instructional permit, take the minimum tests required to receive your CDL. You must pass a written skill test that covers driving skills and commercial driving issues. During your on-the-road training you learn how to inspect your vehicle before you drive it, how to drive in different conditions, how to couple and uncouple trailers and more. You must perform these skills proficiently to complete your on-the-road training. Decide if you need a four-year CDL which is $75 or a two-year CDL, which costs $50.

Additional Endorsement
Apply for additional testing if you need a CDL for double/triple trailers, passenger, tank vehicles, hazardous materials or school buses. Each endorsement test is $10.

Physical Exam
Get a physical exam to receive your medical certificate. This medical certificate is necessary before you can drive a vehicle commercially. Carry a current copy of your medical certificate with you each time that you drive.

While these are the basic requirements for receiving your Commercial Driver License in Vermont, laws are subject to change and your unique circumstances may make things vary. Inquire with your employer for licensing needs specific to their company and contact your local DMV for updates.