How To Get an Alabama CDL License

Alabama CDL License Requirements

Getting your Commercial Driver’s License is a little more involved than getting your regular driver’s license. In order to obtain a commercial driver’s license in Alabama, there are a few requirements including:

1. Being a resident of Alabama, currently living in Alabama.

2. Possessing a valid Alabama driver’s license.

3. Having a physical examination signed by a doctor. If you have problems with your vision or other health conditions such as heart conditions or diabetes, you may need to have your doctor fill out a driver exemption sheet. You can find this on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website. You must carry your physical exam and exemption papers with you at all times while driving.

4. Passing an endorsement test for tank vehicles, hazardous materials, double and triple trailers, school buses, air brakes, and passenger vehicles. In order to take these tests, you will need to have a criminal background check done.

5. Training for and passing the road skills test. This test entails:

  • A pre-trip inspection – You must show how you know that your vehicle is safe for a trip.
  • Showing your driving in reverse skills and turning in a confined area skills.
  • Showing your ability to drive safely in a variety of traffic situations in a larger than normal vehicle.

Alabama CDL License Cost

The actual knowledge test that you need to pass in order to attain the CDL costs just $25.00. There are other surrounding fees including:

  • Background check required for the Hazardous Materials endorsement – Your background check fees will cost a total of around $80.
  • Skills test – This test costs about $20.00
  • Class A, B, or C endorsements – These cost $53.50, $43.50, and $23.50 respectively
  • Physician’s physical and the DOT Physical card – These will cost between $50 and $100 depending on your insurance and physician’s charges.

This brings your total costs for an Alabama CDL to between $200.00 and $275.00.

Alabama CDL License Training

In order to pass the skills test for your CDL test you will need to find a private driving school or a job that will train you as part of their hiring process. There aren’t any Federal Standards, so don’t worry about a “certified” school. You just need to be prepared to pass the Skills test.
You can find and study from an Alabama Commercial Driver License Manual at Alabama Department of Public Safety: Alabama Commercial Driver License Manual.

The Whole Alabama CDL License Process- Putting It All Together.

1. Get your study manual for the skills test here: Department Of Transportation: Medical Examination Report For CDL Fitness Determination, or you can ask the school that is training you for a copy.

2. Get your physician’s statement of physical health here: Department Of Transportation: Medical Examination Report For CDL Fitness Determination and your exemption form, if needed here: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: Driver Exemption Programs.

3. Find a CDL driving school nearest you at

4. Study and practice driving.

5. Find a CDL testing center near you in the Alabama CDL manual.

6. Take your Social Security card, you medical forms, your regular driver’s license and proof of insurance for vehicles that you own and are named on the title of to the testing center.

7. Pass the Skills, CDL knowledge test and any endorsement tests.