How to Get a Wyoming CDL License

Obtaining a Wyoming CDL Requires Following Specific Steps
Having the opportunity to explore the country is only one reason some individuals give for wanting to get a CDL and start driving a truck. Another valid reason is that driving a truck pays well and allows drivers to experience a certain kind of independence and freedom from working a traditional job. Whatever motivates an individual to choose truck driving as a career, there are certain steps that must be taken before the dream becomes a reality in Wyoming.

It is necessary for anyone wanting to become a professional trucker to obtain a CDL in the state of Wyoming. The Wyoming Driver Services Program of the Department of Transportation is the issuing agent for driver’s license in the state. Any driver of a large vehicle such as a bus or tractor-trailer rig must have CDL in order to operate that vehicle on the roads of Wyoming. These drivers are required to follow certain specific steps to obtain a CDL that is required before they can legally operate such a motor vehicle.

Applicants Must Meet Age Requirements
Anyone applying for a Wyoming CDL must be eighteen years of age or older and hold a current valid Wyoming driver’s license. A driver must be at least twenty-one years of age before the United States Department of Transportation will allow him to transport any materials across state lines.

Obtain a Copy of the Wyoming CDL Manual
Even though the applicant already has a driver’s license in the state, it is advisable to go by a Driver Services Program office to pick up a copy of the Wyoming CDL manual to study before taking the required exam. Being familiar with the current driving laws in the state helps when taking the required written exam. A copy of this study guide can also be found and downloaded from Wyoming websites.

Take the Written Exam and Obtain a Vision Screening
It is then important to schedule taking the written test needed to receive a Wyoming CDL permit, which is required before training under the supervision of a CDL licensed driver. There is a $20.00 permit fee. The applicant must pass the multiple-choice written test with an 80% score. A vision-screening test must also be passed with the result of 20/20 in both eyes with or without corrective lenses.

Attend a CDL Training School
Many employers offer training for driving vehicles requiring a CDL in Wyoming or an applicant may consider attending a Professional Truck Driving School. Some school districts provide training for their own bus drivers. Commercial driver’s education programs that are designed for commercial vehicles also provide Wyoming CDL license training. Some trucking companies operate their own training programs prior to employment.

Schedule a CDL Skills Test
Applicants must take a state skills driving test after receiving training. The applicant must furnish the vehicle for the testing process. The vehicle used for testing must be of the same class as the license. The applicant is not allowed to drive to the test, but must be driven by someone with a CDL of the same class. The skills test includes testing on basic control skills, pre-trip inspection and general driving skills. All skills tests are given by appointment only and are only given after successfully written tests are passed.

Special CDL Endorsements and Fees
The basic CDL does not include special endorsements that can be obtained for specific circumstances. A special endorsement is required for any vehicle that transports hazardous materials (Class H), passenger-carrying vehicle (Class P), school bus (Class S) and towing a double or triple trailer (Cass T). Additional requirements and background checks may be required for certain endorsements. Special endorsements require additional fees based on the class. The Wyoming CDL license cost is $25.00 for the standard license. These licenses are valid for a period of four years. Most CDL licenses are renewable by mail or in person.