How to Get a South Carolina CDL License

Anyone who is interested in driving a commercial motor vehicle that weighs over 26,000 pounds, that carries 15 or more people commercially, or that carries children to school for a fee in the state of South Carolina will be required to obtain a CDL license. South Carolina has specific requirements for this special type of license. The good news is that they are not overly or unfairly demanding.

South Carolina CDL License Requirements and Eligibility
In order to obtain a CDL license in South Carolina, you first must be 18 years old. That will allow an individual to drive heavy trucks or commercial passenger vehicles within the boundaries of the state. However, if you are going to drive a commercial vehicle across the state lines, then you must be 21 years old to comply with the Federal government’s requirements and statutes. You must also procure a DOT medical examiner’s card before you are allowed to take any part of the CDL skills test or be issued a CDL permit. You will require a clean driving record and a standard driver’s license from the state of South Carolina before you are allowed to proceed towards your CDL license as well. Finally, you will have to show proof of liability insurance from a South Carolina licensed insurance company before you can operate a commercial vehicle of any kind.

South Carolina CDL License Cost
There are several stages of fees associated with the South Carolina CDL license. When you fill out the 447-CDL application form for the Beginner’s Permit or Commercial Driver’s License, you will have to pay the initial $15.00 application fee. There is also a $2.00 fee for every knowledge test that you take as part of the license classification that you seek. Finally, when you have completed all requirements, then you will have to pay the $12.50 license fee to obtain your CDL license.

South Carolina CDL License Process
The process for getting your CDL license in South Carolina requires that you follow a series of steps carefully and in the proper order.

Step 1

Take and successfully complete all of the written exams for your South Carolina license class so that you meet all the requirements for the endorsements.

Step 2

You must meet the driving record eligibility discussed above for South Carolina’s requirements. If your license is from out of state, it will have to be successfully transferred over before you can continue. You must also have a clean driving record.

Step 3

Complete the application and certifications and pay the application fee of $15.

Step 4

Furnish the DOT medical certification in the form of the DOT Medical Card. This shows that you are in appropriate health to drive either many people around or to drive a big rig truck. You must also pass the mandatory vision test.

Step 5

Take and successfully complete the CDL knowledge tests. The Class A knowledge test is the Combination Vehicles Test. Depending on the type of vehicle that you will operate, you may also be required to take some of the additional knowledge tests, such as the Passenger Transport Test, the Air Brake Test, the Doubles/Triples Test, and the School Bus Test.

Step 6

Collect your Temporary Instruction Permit for CDL. This allows you to prepare for your upcoming important skills tests.

Step 7

Pay the remaining CDL fees for South Carolina. This includes the $12.50 license fee.

Step 8

Sign up for, take, and successfully complete your South Carolina CDL Skills Test. This is divided into several sections. The first is the Pre-Trip Inspection. Here you will be required to explain to the satisfaction of the tester what has to be inspected and the reason for such inspection on the test vehicle.

Next in the testing process is the Basic Control Skills Test. This determines your ability to maneuver and control the testing vehicle. Finally comes the Road Test. This exam checks how well you are able to drive your vehicle safely over a test route, all the while following the tester’s direct instructions. To gain approval for the South Carolina CDL, you must pass all three sections of this CDL Skills Test.

South Carolina CDL License Training
The good news is that South Carolina truck driving schools are both many and well respected. The state certifies both CDL training schools and truck driving schools that operate within South Carolina. Any such school will offer qualified trainers and a variety of training rigs in all different sizes to help you successfully complete your necessary CDL license training. In a good and reputable program that is state certified, you are able to finish your truck driving program or CDL license training and obtain your CDL license in South Carolina in a number of weeks, not months.