The CDL School Bus Endorsement Test will examine your knowledge of danger zones and use of mirrors, loading and unloading, emergency exit and evacuation, and student management. In order to receive your school bus endorsement, it is required that you pass the state’s official CDL Written Knowledge Exam.

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Depending on the length and width of a school bus, the rear blind spot may extend up to...?

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A bus driver medical examination form must be signed by a supervising or collaborating physician if it is carried out by which of these people?

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In the top of your overhead inside rearview mirror, you should be able to see...?

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The overhead inside rearview mirror is used to monitor...?

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To make sure that a child is not in any of your danger zones, you should look in...?

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The most students are killed each year doing which of these things?

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When approaching a school bus stop, you should activate your alternating flashing amber warning lamps at least what distance away?

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Convex mirrors should be adjusted so that you can see at least...?

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Side cross view mirrors should show you the entire area from the front bumper...?

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To the left and right of a school bus, the danger zones are...?

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Which of these people is not qualified to sign a school bus driver's medical examination form?

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The danger zone to the front of a school bus can be as much as...?

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Coming to a full stop on the right side of the roadway, your front bumper must be at least what distance from the students waiting at the designated stop?

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At which of these points when approaching a school bus stop should you be monitoring for pedestrians, traffic and other objects?

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Outside left and right side flat mirrors should show you the rear tires where they touch the ground, and how much pavement in front of them?

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Outside left and right side flat mirrors must be adjusted so that you can see for how far behind the bus?

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The flat left and right side outside mirrors on the school bus have a blind spot...?

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A school bus driver driving a bus carrying 30 passengers must have which of these?

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How far from the rear bumper of a school bus is the area classed as a danger zone?

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What is the minimum size of a blind spot extending behind a school bus?

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Convex mirrors on a school bus, if it is equipped with them, will be located...?

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Outside left and right side cross view mirrors are used to see the danger zone...?

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Schoolbus drivers must have a special endorsement if they drive a school bus designed to transport how many passengers?

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Schoolbus drivers need to have a medical examination how often?

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You should set the parking brake on your school bus...?

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You should never change the location of a school bus stop without the approval of...?

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Convex mirrors do not provide an accurate reflection of people and objects in terms of...?

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Before operating a school bus, you must check...?

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All school bus stops must be approved by...?

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Which of these is generally considered to be the most dangerous area around a school bus?

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Steps to take to get a CDL School Bus endorsement

As previously referenced, though the process of obtaining a CDL license will vary from one state to another, the basic process is the same. Meaning people who want to apply this licensure requirement may need to:
• Pass a written exam (school bus endorsement test)
• Apply for their CDL’s learners permit with a ‘S’ CDL School Bus endorsement
• Complete a medical assessment – physical exam that indicates the person can safely operate a vehicle
• Pass an on the road driving skills test
All of which are needed to meet the requirements needed to become a bus driver in New York State.

The cost of a CDL School Bus endorsement

The cost of the CDL “S” will vary too, according to the state that the person wants to drive in. For instance, the cost of a CDL S in the state of Florida is currently $75 while the cost of a CDL S in the state of Texas is currently $61 (original and renewal). To locate the correct pricing, prospective school bus drivers should visit their state’s official DMV site.

There are three types of CDL classes that determine the type of vehicle you may drive and how much you may tow. A Class A CDL class allows you to operate a vehicle with a GCWR of 26,001 if the vehicle you tow weighs more than 10,000 and a Class B CDL allows you to operate a vehicle with a GVWR of 26,001 or more pounds or operate any vehicle towing another vehicle that weighs less than 10,000 GVWR. With a Class C CDL, you can operate a Class C vehicle that transports hazardous materials.