CDL License NJ | How to Get a New Jersey CDL License

When you invest in your CDL, you will increase your chances of finding a job. There are many lucrative careers that require a CDL, and that makes it a great investment in your future. Whether you want to drive trucks long-distances, limousines or be a local bus driver, you will need a CDL. This license is also required for some delivery jobs and other commercial driving positions. If you are considering entering this field, here is what you need to know about getting your CDL License NJ.

Basic Qualifications
CDL drivers must be physically fit as defined by Federal Law. This means that you need to be in reasonably good health, with acceptable hearing and vision levels. Anyone applying for this license must be at least 18 years old and already have a basic New Jersey driver license. Your vision must be 20/40 or better in each eye, with or without corrective glasses. You must also have at least 70 percent peripheral vision in each eye. Additionally, you must be able to recognize red, green and amber color signals.

The Basic License and Endorsements
The basic CDL license allows you to drive commercially, but you can also upgrade the license. With the right upgrades, you can accept more challenging jobs and increase your income levels. There are six different endorsements available in New Jersey.
• Double and triple trailers
• Passenger
• School bus
• Tanks carrying liquids or gas in bulk
• Hazardous materials
• Air brakes

CDL Class Overview
The CLD licenses in New Jersey are also broken down into three different classes. Class C has the most restrictions. People with a Class C license can only drive up to 26,001 pounds. A Class B allows drivers to handle 26,000 GVWR or more along with a trailer that is less than 26,000 GVWR. The most versatile license is a Class A, and it allows people to handle vehicles that are over 26,0001 pounds and trailers that are more than 10,000 pounds.

Age Restrictions
Those people who are 18 may obtain a CDL in New Jersey, but they will still be limited until they turn 21. Before they reach the full legal age, they will only be able travel within the state of New Jersey, and they will not be allowed to receive HAZMAT or passenger endorsements. Drivers who are interested in interstate travel must be at least 21 and have three years of driving experience.

The Initial Fee
Your overall New Jersey CDL license cost will include an application fee of $125. Before you can take the test, you will have to visit a local MVC Agency and pay this fee. You will fill out an application, complete necessary forms and then pick up a CDL driver manual. Use this manual to prepare for the written portion of the test.

The Testing Process
Before you will be allowed to sit for any test, you must pass the physical examination and bring those forms to the MVC Agency. Once you have submitted the appropriate medical forms, you will have your fingerprints taken. Once these tasks are done, you can sit for the written test to confirm that you have the necessary knowledge.

After you have passed these tests, you will be given a permit for practice driving. There is a required 10-day waiting period while you practice your skills on the road. You can then make an appointment to take your CDL road test.

When you arrive at the facility for your road test, you will need a commercial vehicle with a current inspection sticker. You will also have to present the current registration document and insurance card. Your valid examination permit will also be required. A safety specialist will ride with you for the off-road or public road test. The entire test takes about one hour, and you will be given an authorization slip if you pass the test. With this slip, you can return to the MVC Agency to receive your license.

Ongoing License Fees
In addition to the $125 fee for the application and test, you will need to pay a fee of $42 for your license. Every endorsement you invest in will cost an additional $2, and the licenses are good for a period of four years.

Invest in Training
Driving a truck or bus is not like driving a regular sedan. You will want to invest in professional training to ensure that you are ready for the written test and the road test. Trust an experienced company that specializes in helping people pass this important test.

With a CDL, you can work as a commercial driver transporting goods and people around town, the state or even across the country. With New Jersey CDL license training, you will be prepared to pass the test and start your career as a commercial driver. The fees are low, and the rewards can be great.