How to Get a Maryland CDL License

If you are considering a career in logistics and transportation as a professional truck driver in the State of Maryland, you have made a great decision! There are plentiful opportunities for entry-level truck drivers and other individuals who successfully obtain a commercial driver’s license also known as a CDL. Whether you want to work for a private company, city agency, or another organization that hires highly skilled drivers, you need to be aware of the education, training and licensing requirements that are necessary in the state of Maryland. Here is a comprehensive overview of how to obtain a commercial driver’s license in Maryland.

What are the education requirements to obtain a CDL?
First, if you are interested in jump-starting your career as a truck driver, you should look for a reputable school or community college that specializes in maryland cdl license training. Look for an affordable program that will teach you the basics of transportation safety, behind-the-wheel driving instruction, passenger delivery, cargo security and conduct pre-trip inspections. All of these skills will be vital to you successfully obtaining a cdl in the state of Maryland.

What are the costs associated with training
Maryland CDL license cost are based on the school you attend as well as all of the fees associated passing certification. Here is a list of a general breakdown of fees for those seeking to obtain a maryland CDL license.

• CDL Learner’s Permit (Includes CDLIS & Skills Test fees) $90.00

• CDL HAZMAT Background Check (BRC) $90.50

• CDL Renewal/Conversion (Includes CDLIS fee) $50.00

Legal requirements
In order to qualify for a cdl license in Maryland, there are federal rules and regulations that you must abide by in order become a licensed professional truck driver. First you must pass a vision screening and required knowledge tests. Eligible candidates must be at least 18 years in order to obtain a learner’s permit for a intrastate cdl, and 21 years old obtain a interstate cdl. Candidates must also have a valid Maryland driver’s license. A motorcycle license does not count towards this requirement. Candidates are also required to provide proof of their social security number. Candidates cannot use an out-of-state license in exchange for a Maryland license.

Obtaining a CDL license in Maryland and military veterans
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration adopted policies to help military veterans transition from a military occupation to a civilian career. Starting January 1, 2013, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration will waive the driver skills test required in order to obtain a cdl license for veterans who recently left military service. In order to be eligible, interested candidates must have at least two years of experience driving vehicles whole serving in the military preceding their discharge and have a good driving record. Candidates must obtain a copy of their military experience from their commanding officer or have that individual certify their years of operating the vehicle as well as the type of vehicle operated to determine appropriate license classification. Interested candidates must be able to pass the cdl knowledge test. This waiver only applies to class a and b cdl licenses.

Industry Outlook
Demand for truck drivers in the state of Maryland and across the United States is very great. According to the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in professional trucking are expected to grow by over 20% in the next decade. The median hourly wage is $20 to $30. Annual median salaries tend to be around $35,000 to $37,000 a year as an entry-level truck driver.

Obtaining your cdl license in Maryland will open the doors to many transportation and truck driver career opportunities in the state. Find a highly experienced and reputable school that will prepare you for the knowledge and driving tests. Also, this school should have partnerships with companies and government agencies to help you immediately find a job after successfully obtaining your Maryland cdl license.