How to Get a Louisiana CDL License

Across the United States, if a person wants to obtain a commercial driving license (CDL), he or she must first be tested. This type of license is needed to drive an 18-wheeler, bus and other types of large vehicles. To earn a Louisiana CDL license, a person must first study for, take and pass a written test. Once the test has been successfully taken and passed, a person can then receive a CDL training permit from the Office of Motor Vehicles. Once training has been completed, the person will be required to take a hands-on skills test. If he or she passes the test, a CDL license will be issued.

Step 1. Obtain a Louisiana Commercial Driver’s License Manual
It is in this manual that a person can look over the steps involved in obtaining a Louisiana CDL license. The manual will also provide the necessary information that it takes to pass the written knowledge test. It is very important to review the necessary pieces of documentation that will be needed to obtain a CDL permit. A local DMV can provide a person with all necessary application forms. If a person is going to be hauling hazardous material, he or she may have to go through a background check as well as certain medical examinations.

Step 2. Study
The second step taken to obtain a Louisiana CDL license is studying for the exam. When using the above mentioned manual to study, it is important to study the portions of the book that apply to the type of truck that a person wants to be licensed to drive. For example, if a person is wanting to drive a truck that has air brakes, he or she will be required to take an endorsement test. When a person is undetermined in the type of truck he or she wants to drive, it is best to learn all parts of the manual.

Step 3. Take the Test
Once a person feels comfortable enough, it is now time to take the written test. If he or she passes, a Louisiana CDL license training permit will be issued. This permit only stays good for 60 days, so training will have to begin very quickly after the permit is obtained.

Step 4. Complete Training
When a person goes about obtaining CDL training, it is important to obtain training that is consistent with the type of work he or she wants to perform. Sometimes, it is possible to acquire training at no cost. Even when a fee is charged, Louisiana CDL license cost is still relatively inexpensive.

Step 5. Complete the Skills Test
Once training has been obtained, it is now time to take the skills test. There are many DMV offices located throughout the state of Louisiana that offer the testing, making it relatively simple for a person to complete his or her testing at a nearby location. Once the test has been passed, a certificate will then be issued, which can then be taken to a DMV office to obtain the actual CDL license.