The CDL tanker practice test will examine your knowledge of general trucking, inspecting tank vehicles, driving tank vehicles, and safe driving rules. In order to receive your Tank Vehicle endorsement, it is required that you pass the state’s official CDL written Knowledge exam.

Tanker Endorsement Test 02

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Outage requirements are...?

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The amount of liquid you load into a tank depends upon...?

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Which of these tanks is likely to have the strongest forward and back surge?

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Compared to driving other commercial vehicles, when driving a tank vehicle you should...?

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Why can food products not be carried in tanks with baffles?

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For tank vehicles, emergency equipment...?

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When driving tank vehicles, you should be extra careful to drive...?

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When driving a smooth bore tank, you should be particularly cautious...?

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Baffled liquid tanks can be subject to...?

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Which of these statements is most accurate?

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To control surge, your braking should be characterized by...?

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When driving a tank vehicle, to avoid skids you must make sure that you do not...?

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When driving a tank vehicle, you should remember that wet roads will increase the normal stopping distance by...?

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When braking in a tank vehicle, you should be particularly careful not to...?

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'Outage' describes the room you must allow for...?

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As you drive through a curve, you should...?

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As you approach a curve, you should...?

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Which of these products is most likely to be carried in a smooth bore tank?

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Compared to a normal commercial vehicle, when you make lane changes in a tank vehicle you should take...?

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Which of these will take the longest to stop?

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You should be particularly careful when loading dense vehicles like acids, because...?

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When braking in a tank vehicle, you should make sure that you do not...?

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In tanks with bulkheads, you must be careful about...?

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When a tank vehicle starts to skid, your first priority should be...?

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Under what circumstances can you load a cargo tank totally full?

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