The CDL Tanker endorsement practice test will examine your knowledge of general trucking, inspecting tank vehicles, driving tank vehicles, and safe driving rules. In order to receive your Tank Vehicle endorsement, it is required that you pass the state’s official CDL written Knowledge exam.

Tanker Endorsement Test 01

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Driving a vehicle which is leaking liquids or gases is...?

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You should check that all valves are in the correct position before...?

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The best way to deal with liquid surge is to...?

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Tank vehicles need special handling skills because of...?

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You must pay careful attention to weight distribution if your tank has...?

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Which of these is particularly easy to roll over?

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If a wave of liquid surge is moving towards the front of the truck, the truck will tend to be pushed...?

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You should never drive a tank vehicle with...?

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The term "liquid surge" describes...?

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The first thing you should do before loading, unloading or driving a tank vehicle is...?

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If a truck is on a slippery surface at a stop line, liquid surge can push it...?

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Manhole covers must have...?

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The most important thing to look out for on any tank vehicle is...?

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If you are found driving a leaking vehicle, you will be...?

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Which of these valves should you check carefully before driving?

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Tankers can be turned over on curves if traveling...?

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If you are towing a portable tank with a vehicle which needs a Class A or B CDL, you must have a tank endorsement if the tank is rated at greater than...?

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A tank endorsement is needed for...?

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The best way of finding out how to inspect a tank vehicle is...?

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All pipes, connections and hoses should be checked particularly carefully...?

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If you are driving a vehicle which is leaking liquids or gases, who may be liable for the costs of cleanup?

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If your vehicle needs a Class A or B CDL you need a tank endorsement if you wish to carry liquid or liquid gas in a permanently mounted cargo tank rated at greater than...?

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A tank endorsement is required for certain vehicles transporting...?

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Highway curves and on/off ramps should be negotiated...?

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The best way to check for leaks is to...?

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