The CDL passenger endorsement practice test will examine your knowledge of vehicle inspection, after-trip vehicle inspection, use of brake-door interlocks, and prohibited practices. In order to receive your Passenger endorsement, it is required that you pass the state’s official CDL written Knowledge exam.

Passenger Endorsement Test 01

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You do not need an endorsement on your license if you are planning, for noncommercial purposes, only to carry...?

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You can identify hazardous materials by warning labels which will be what shape?

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It is important that you remind riders who are departing the bus to...?

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Which of these items of emergency equipment are required by law?

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Explosives may not be carried on a bus...?

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All seats on a bus must be...?

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When carrying permissible hazardous materials, no bus must carry more than what quantity in total?

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You must have a 'P' endorsement on your license if you plan to drive a vehicle carrying how many adult passengers, excluding the driver?

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Under what circumstances can you drive with an emergency exit door open?

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Riders should not be permitted to board a bus carrying...?

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Which of these hazardous materials is the only you may carry on a bus?

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You must not allow riders on a bus to have carry-on baggage...?

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When inspecting the interior of the bus, your priority should be...?

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When top hatches are open, you need to remember that they may affect your...?

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When in motion, no rider should stand forward of...?

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Under what circumstances may you drive with emergency roof hatches partly open?

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Baggage must be placed so that...?

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When carrying permissible hazardous materials, a bus must not carry more than what weight of any one class of material?

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Buses may carry solid Class 6 poisons, but not more than...?

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Once you are sure that all defects have been certified as repaired or not needing repair, you should...?

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You should not drive your bus if which of these are not in safe working condition?

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Under what circumstances must the emergency exit sign on an emergency door be clearly visible?

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The first thing you must do before driving your bus is to make sure that it is...?

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You should turn your red emergency door light on (if equipped) in which of these circumstances?

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When you arrive at a destination or intermediate stops, you should announce...?

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If the aisle of your bus is lower than the seats, you should remind riders of this...?

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Under what circumstances must you wear your seatbelt?

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You must have an 'S' endorsement on your license if you plan to transport students in a school bus that has a gross vehicle weight rating of more than...?

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If a bus is designed to allow standing, a line on the floor showing where passengers cannot stand must be what width?

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When you check the outside of your bus, you must make sure that all emergency exits are...?

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Passenger endorsement Practice Test

Getting a CDL license with a P endorsement does require that a person follows a number of different steps before receiving this license. Again, based on the state, the prospective passenger driver must apply for the license via the state’s process online or in their DMV office. Also, it is important that they pass a written exam with the minimum score for that specific exam and state. People must also pass a physical exam to make sure that they are physically fit. Additionally, to ensure the person can actually drive a passenger vehicle, they are also taken on the road to pass these requirements too. So, there is quite a bit that the person has to do before they can receive their CDL with a passenger endorsement.

The cost of a CDL Passenger endorsement

Each state charges different fees to receive this kind or license with the proper P endorsement. So, it is best for everyone to look on their states’ official site to see what their fees are, as well as what they actually cover. For instance, the cost of a CDL license with a P endorsement in the state of Pennsylvania is 90.50, which covers the cost of a CDL for a period of 4 years.

How to Apply for Passenger Endorsement

Each applicant has a choice of how they want to apply. They may apply online or in a DMV office within that state.

There are three types of CDL classes that determine the type of vehicle you may drive and how much you may tow. A Class A CDL class allows you to operate a vehicle with a GCWR of 26,001 if the vehicle you tow weighs more than 10,000 and a Class B CDL allows you to operate a vehicle with a GVWR of 26,001 or more pounds or operate any vehicle towing another vehicle that weighs less than 10,000 GVWR. With a Class C CDL, you can operate a Class C vehicle that transports hazardous materials.