Choosing Truck Driver Training

Interested in a career in commercial driving? If so, truck driver training can give you the skills and knowledge you need to be prepared to pass the required exam and obtain your commercial driver license. Obtaining the appropriate driver license is a prerequisite for becoming a commercial truck driver.

During commercial truck driver training, you will have the opportunity to learn the rules of the road, the requirements for being a truck driver in each state, and what is required to be a truck driver. This training will enable you to receive a learner permit, which will in turn give you the opportunity to train driving large commercial trucks. Only after you have demonstrated you are capable of handling large trucks and maneuvering them safely on the road will you be granted a commercial driver license.

Truck Driver Training

In preparing to sign up for commercial truck driver training, it is important to be aware that there are different types of CDL training, including certified, licensed, and accredited. Licensed schools have typically met the minimum requirements of the state in terms of facilities, curriculum, instructors, training, etc.

Certified schools have been reviewed and inspected by a neutral third party to determine whether the school has met established standards. In a certified school, students will graduate only after passing standards established by the US Department of Transportation. An accredited school must pass an approval process authorized by the US Department of Education.

Give careful consideration to the trucking school you choose. Not only is this the school where you will receive your training, but it is also the school that trucking agencies will review in placing you in a job. Rather than signing up for the first commercial trucking training school you can find, evaluate the reputation of the school and make sure you choose the right training program.

In addition to the reputation of the training program, it is also important to investigate the skills you will learn. Each school varies in terms of curriculum, so you should ask specific questions. The basics of any quality commercial truck driving training program should include:

• Rules and regulations
• Road signs
• How to maneuver a large weight load
• How to properly use signals
• Trip planning logs
• Map reading
• Backing up and turning

As part of your training, you will also learn how to couple and uncouple a trailer. Road driving, shifting, and learning how to handle pre-trip and post-trip inspections should also be included in any training program.

Depending on the quality of the training program, the curriculum may also include other topics. It should also be noted that different regulations are required in different states, which may also affect the material covered in your training program.

Jobs that will typically require you to have a CDL and to have attended commercial truck driving training include:

• Working for a large transport company
• Working as a bus driver
• Interstate truck driving
• Hauling hazardous materials