When you’re out on the road, it’s easy to see the highway as one long, unbroken stretch of land, and the only locations that matter are Point A and Point B. Yet those long hauls typically cross the invisible borders between states or provinces, and a lot can change when you cross those lines. What’s perfectly acceptable in the eyes of the law on one side of the line may earn you a moving violation or citation on the other side — and that’s true even of trucking equipment. Depending on the state you’re driving through, your tractor-trailer may or may not be in compliance with local regulations related to the dimensions of your trailer.

No one wants to get pulled over for something that could have been easily avoided, because it wastes precious time you could be on the road and means you’ll probably have to deal with a ticket. It’s important for long-haul truckers to be aware of the laws regarding maximum trailer length for the states in which they’ll be driving. Not only will this ensure that you’re always in compliance wherever you go, but it can help you determine what you’ll need in terms of other equipment such as truck tarps. Consult the following resource to make sure your truck and trailer meet the maximum dimensions allowed in the states or provinces where you’ll be driving.

Truck Trailer Length State Laws presented by: Verduyn Tarps tarp systems company
State-By-State Maximum Truck Trailer Guidelines
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