CDL Knowledge is delighted to offer a scholarship to students of $1000.

We want student entrepreneurs to showcase their entrepreneurship by starting their own small business online or offline.

The student who wins the scholarship will do so by showcasing their business idea to us in a short video of 5 minutes or less. The idea we deem to be the best will win the scholarship.

What You Should Know About Scholarships

Any student that is studying currently at an officially recognized institution associated with furthering education as well as higher education is eligible to apply for the program we have on offer. The students who attend universities in the U.S and the UK are welcome. The ideas based on this particular program are based on supplementing the income of a student annually. This allows any aspiring entrepreneur the opportunity to devote more of their time to a business venture they may be pursuing.

These scholarships are created to assist with financial aid wherever the student may be in their venture of beginning their own new business. The scholarship can include finance that allows the student to take part in trade shows, buy materials or to finalize their prototype.

The Details Of This Award

In the year 2017, a bursary to the value of $1000 is available to one student. This payment will be provided in a single payment associated with developing the business idea of the chosen student.

Who Can Apply?

Any current or incoming undergraduate that is full-time or a post graduate is allowed to apply for this award, as long as they are attending an accredited educational institution in either the U.S or the UK.

In order for any applicant to be viewed as a consideration they have to provide proof related to their dedication and devotion to the idea of the business they are pursuing. It is important to know that intricate business projections are not a necessity, but a proposal that is thorough and combined with the desires to go after this venture of very important.

What Is The Expiration Date For This Application

The deadline is dated the January 31, 2018 and no applications will be accepted after this date.

How Will The Student Know That Their Application Was Successful?

The in-house committee at CDL Knowledge, is responsible for selecting the winner and this is carried-out on the last day of February 2018. One week after this selection the learning institution and the student will be notified of these results.

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